Resources: Helpful & Free Website For SFX (Sound Effects)

A great website with free SFX (Sound Effects) library.

Resources: Helpful & Free Website For SFX (Sound Effects)

In today's society, the term "free" has become increasingly misleading. Who hasn’t experienced signing up for something labeled "free" only to discover hidden costs or catches? But of course, free also means that you're not getting maybe the best of the best.

So, it's truly refreshing when I stumble upon something that genuinely offers value without any strings attached. The website link provided below boasts a collection of top-notch sound effects ideal for your film projects. These effects are authentic, captured by real people, and carry a rich texture. While it may not be a flawless library, its quality is commendable. Plus, the word 'perfect' is similar to the word 'free' - both of them are overused, haha.

Here is the link:

Now, for other sound effects, I often use Envato Elements, but they cost a bit per month, but in case you'd like to get even better SFX for your work, I'd also recommend Envato, but only if you can afford it. Pixabay will get the work done.

And lastly, if you need other sound effects, basic ones, like walking, sitting, moving dishes etc. Then I suggest that you simply record them.