About me

Hi, my name is Olaf, I've been a indie filmmaker for 20 years. I focus on teaching the fundamentals of visual storytelling. My passion is protecting and nurturing your competence by sharing my experience.

About me
Olaf de Fleur (center) on set filming Malevolent for Netflix

Welcome to my website, my name is Olaf de Fleur, I'm a film director and writer from Iceland. I've made feature films and documentaries for the last two decades, directed for Netflix, and sold remake rights and original film concepts to studios.

This Website | For the last few years, I've enjoyed teaching through Film Classes for Skillshare, offering free film seminars on Zoom on Saturdays, along with specified classes for emerging filmmakers. This website is my home and is not made to profit but sustain. I believe that sharing creative resources and tools benefits the whole.

Support | You can support the cause, either by donating or by becoming a paid member of this website. On this website, I have two types of membership. Paid membership and free membership.

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About me

I hail from a tiny town on the west coast of Iceland. Where I was taught manners by sheep and farm dogs. Making films has been an invaluable passport to exploring this world. These days I'm actively writing screenplays, directing films and teaching.

In filmmaking, all the tools are important, but writing is more important than the other importans. My approach to writing is like praying for an incremental understanding of who I am. Occasionally my prayers are answered, but the ritual remains more important than the awards.

The great thing about writing is that with a push of a button, all of my doubts and demons appear and their faces, and after a few seconds, they are not that scary and turn out to have good intentions. In a way writing is therapeutic for me, it transforms anxiety into manageable pieces.

The reason I love writing is that I know it is ecological and will contribute to my understanding of human nature, and thereby myself. Another reason is, that it will allow me to not only share my own stories but help me understand others.

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