ABOUT ME & This Website

ABOUT ME & This Website

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Hi, my name is Olaf, I'm a filmmaker with over two-decade experience. I focus on teaching the building blocks, the fundamentals of visual storytelling. My passion is protecting and nurturing your competence by sharing my experience.


If you want to have a private coaching lesson with me, you can visit this page - there you can support this cause and select a 'private coaching session' to have a one on one session.


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I hail from a tiny town on the west coast of Iceland. Where I was taught manners by sheep and farm dogs. Making films has been an invaluable passport to explore the world and the human heart. I am here to share my experience with this wonderful community. I'm actively writing screenplays, directing films, teaching in film schools, public speaking, and offering personal creative coaching.

My approach to writing, is like praying for incremental understanding of who I am.

In filmmaking, all the tools are important, but writing is more important than the other importans. My approach to writing is like praying for an incremental understanding of who I am. Occasionally my prayers are answered, but the ritual remains more important than the awards. The great thing about writing, is that with a push of a button, all of my doubts and demons show their faces, and usually, they are not that scary, even more often, they have great ideas. In a way writing is a necessity for me, it demystifies anxiety into manageable pieces. The reason I want to write professionally is that I know it is ecological, and healthy because it will contribute to my understanding of human nature, and there by myself. Another reason is, it will allow me to not only share my own stories, but it will help me understand others.