My Chitchat Before A Writing Session

My Chitchat Before A Writing Session

I was about to go into a writing session just now and I thought it would be an excellent idea write a bit about it before I start. The shadow side of me suspects that this is a camouflaged procrastination, but in all honesty, most things can be defined as procrastination. Therefore I'm pushing out the label of "procrastination" and I'm just writing this blog post.

"Anyhew," like the squirrel said before crawling up the mountain. "Let's get on with it."

First, I'm not a robot. Second, I wish I was one sometimes because then I could write that I do certain rituals each time I write. But, not being a robot means that each day is a custom job. Just like all the banks I've robbed or diamond vaults I've cracked open, each of them as a unique texture.

Of course, right now, I'm doing one of my favorite writing exercies, being playful with words just to be playful. It's a way of relaxing my writing jaw to just play with the words.

Right, so, writing tips (mostly for myself, for today). (Olaf takes out his notebook but notices a coin on the floor and wonders if it might have a hidden value, then Olaf looks back at his notebook.)

Here are two things I'd like to keep in mind for today's writing session.

  1. Isolate - Before I start writing I want to isolate what area I want to work on. So before I write, I'd like to know the general frame or intention - without pre-defining it too much.
  2. Too slow - I'd like to go 'too slow' - My mind can really sprint and think too fast. I'd like it to go slow so I can work with it. I can take a couple of breaths, and ask myself: "How does a flower grow, fast or slow?"