NEW CLASS: Learn Screenwriting By Writing One Scene in a Screenplay

NEW CLASS: Learn Screenwriting By Writing One Scene in a Screenplay

Writing a Screenplay is hard - A great way to start is learning to craft One Scene in a Screenplay Format.

Whenever I start a new project, I'm always looking to be transported. I keep close attention to my own body, my feelings and kinda measure myself into this new world. The biggest challenge that I face, with any new project, is because my ideas are complex, I always have to re-visit the practice of simplicity.

“LEARN SCREENWRITING BY WRITING ONE SCENE IN A SCREENPLAY” - Is an online Class that will help you with:

  • Fundamentals to write your screenplay
  • How to prepare for writing a film scene
  • Develop personal writing strategy
  • The pace and structure of a film scene
  • The importance of on-page aesthetics
  • Tons of tools that can spare you unnecessary agony
This Screenwriting Class will not only help you demystify the screenwriting process but also liberate your creative strengths and help you manifest your ideas.

Your class project is to complete ONE SCENE in a screenplay format.


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This class is for anyone who has written a story and wants to write for Film & TV. Regardless if you’re a beginner, or have just started screenwriting, this class will deepen your understanding and help you develop as an author.

In this writing class, I'll share all the tools that I've learned by completing over thirty full-length screenplays.

METHOD I’ve spent years developing and testing the METHOD for this class and I can’t wait to share it with you. The method is a gradual process of (almost) annoyingly slow and simple process, presented through series of contained lessons.

We will be chopping down bluprints, demystifing the process, tickeling elephants, talking about structure, rhythm, the importance of blank space, transitions, the limits and the powers of writing in a screenplay format.


Olaf de Fleur

I've been writing for over 20 years and five years ago, I got stuck. I was working on this scene in a screenplay I was writing. It was about a person who had to cross a street. And I had this person on one end of the street for about six months! Because I was always overthinking it.

Then I realized that I'd been unable to help my character across the street. I had been unable to do SIMPLE. This was a big wake-up call and the method in this class is something I constantly use in my writing class, but more importantly, myself.

Anytime I work on an idea, I use the method in this class for myself - it helps me remember how to take one step at a time. Ideas run, even fly. Writing is about taming them.

I am a filmmaker with over 20 years of experience. I've directed films and documentaries and sold original concepts to studios throughout my filmmaking career, I've written over 30 screenplays, and in this class, I'll share all my writing tools.

Doing simple is the antidote to complexity. And like any good paradox, the ability to do simple allows us to create much more complexity. This technique will help us snap out of overthinking and always keep going.

I'VE BEEN TEACHING writing for years and learned that it’s one thing to teach writing - but quite another of getting it across. Teaching writing is not about what I teach, but how I can invite you to teach yourself.

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