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When your mind is going a mile or a kilometer a second, it can be helpful to pace down. Sometimes your writing fuel tank get’s blocked when thoughts tail Speedy Gonzales. We’re often afraid to confront thoughts and ask them to tune our way. This fear is unique to each individual to a degree, but that degree is actually very limited.

Think of it like flossing your teeth, no matter how anxious you are, most of us benefit from flossing.

Tuning down is just that, flossing. Here are a couple of flossing threads, they variate in thickness. Choose one and repeat several times. It’s not important which one you pick, but see what happens if you allow yourself a moment to reply.

1. How does a flower grow? Fast or Slow?
2. How would it look like if I had nothing to do?
3. How high does silence speak between breaths?

Olaf de Fleur

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