FILM & WRITING: The Seven Step Process to complete your creative work

FILM & WRITING: The Seven Step Process to complete your creative work

This is the process I use when I am completing the creative piece, be it a screenplay for a film. When working with an idea, especially your own, it is inevitable to get confused. In a way, becoming confused, and thinking non-linearly is the key part of creative process. It can be challenging getting out of the process, and bringing your creative piece into the physical realm.

When writing - When we master our scene, the key is to be organized. Because we, as the author of the scene, can easily become very attached, and even confused, and we can balance that by doing this step-by-step process.

Whenever I am confused, I asked myself


  1. What do I want to say
  2. Have I said it?
  3. Is it clear?

After that, to finalize my screenplay, or even a film project.

This is the seven step process I use:

  1. Spelling & Grammar
    This applies to writing. Where I go over spelling and grammar, and even swap out words,  and calibrate reputations.
  2. Read outloud
    This applies to writing, I read out loud the scene, or even better I have someone treated for me about. There is something about hearing the words, that help you reorganize them and adjust.
  3. Wait
    I take a pause, and wait until I feel it's time to revisit the creative piece. Taking a pause, is like attending to a garden and allowing the trees to grow, instead of constantly trapping on the soil or try to tear out the seeds.
  4. Feedback
    I have someone go over my creative piece, be it a screenplay or film. I apply common sense when listening, and go back to my main reference point, is what I'm trying to say clear? During this stage, you have to be careful not to combat opinions.
  5. Wait again
    Here I think another pause, and do something else until I feel it's time to go in again.
  6. Read & Feel
    When writing - I read through the scene, several times, and if I enjoy it equally as much each time, I know it has achieved completion. The same goes, when I edit a film, or even a film trailer.  hen I enjoy revisiting the piece, then I know it is there, because it is in harmony with my feelings.
  7. Aesthetics
    Here, I check the visual aesthetics on how the words fill the page compared to the empty space within it. I check readability, and the aim is to make it look organized and digestible