The Courtroom of Your Creativity

The Courtroom of Your Creativity

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When we want to produce a creative piece of art, a story, a film, it's easy to talk ourselves out of it.

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Legal eagles, that’s what we are because we spend a lot of time in the courtroom. To set the stage, we’re not in one of those modern legal colosseums, no, we’re closer to a black and white old fashion courtroom with all the archetypes from Classic TV shows.

This analogy of the courtroom is where a part of your creativity is analyzed by the usual suspects without the intentional pun. We have the prosecutor, the defense team, the client (you), the witnesses, the jury, judge, and even the uuuhing, and aaahhiinng audience for every twist and turn in the case... (to read more subscribe for free) ...

Olaf de Fleur

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