The Conqueror of Chaos

The Conqueror of Chaos

Sometimes, we end up somewhere we didn’t plan on being. But, once we arrive, we realize it's what we were looking for.

I was only a few days into a trial month of Skillshare, browsing and searching through the myriad of classes, when I came across Olaf's teachings. I was hooked from the beginning. I finished the trial and signed up with Skillshare after completing my first of Olaf’s classes - So as to ascertain and guarantee enough time to finish his teachings and take usable notes.

Olaf’s undisturbed and simple delivery helped to break down self imposed obstacles I frequently ran into with my projects. I gained a lot and enjoyed the learning experience with him on Skillshare and later started joining his free Saturday film seminars on Zoom, which I soon discovered later, was even better.

I think Olaf has this sublime gift of helping you with his plethora of knowledge. There are usually about ten participants in each session joining from all over the world, all at different stages of filmmaking and all carefully guided by Olaf. He leads us to stay focused and hold on to an idea with just enough flexibility to let it breathe and become something else. He calms anxieties and takes you to that realm of possibility with humor and a selflessness that is rarely so seamless and innate as I find in his sessions. I think of him as “Olaf, the Conqueror of Inner Chaos.”

I feel privileged to be part of a community of storytellers and filmmakers. Collaborative people and an attentive facilitator who are all as passionate about stories as I am.