“No Responsibility”

Whenever you realize that you’re doing many things at the same time, the causation is almost always that you’ve become too emotional. So you’ll need to track back, using the following model:

Being too emotional is a direct relation to responsibility. The degree of that responsibility can be tracked into over-responsibility towards things we cannot control, but we think we should be able to control. This happens because when we’re too emotional, we skip an investigative phase in our thought process: an evaluation. We don’t check or consider if the thought is right or wrong, we assume it’s right just because it’s there.

ANALOGY: It’s like meeting a stranger and ‘knowing’ they have all the answers, even though we’ve never seen or spoken to them before. This is a great way to form a cult.

When we think we are responsible for things we cannot be responsible for — for example, world hunger — we spin out of control. We get emotional, “Why is there world hunger, I should be able to stop it, why am I not stopping it, I’m really killing people by not stopping it” — when you read these lines, this looks like a comical process, and it really is when you flesh it out. This is one way to track back to normality. To trace back these unconscious thoughts and manually (consciously) insert evaluation.

When we feel out of control, we get emotional, we start doing many things at the same time, in no particular order, in an attempt to get control. However, there is no way for you to get control by trying to get control. You’ve entered of vicious thought loop cycle.

ANALOGY: It’s like trying to win a game of tennis, by hitting harder and faster, not realizing there is no ball on the court. In this analogy, when you remove the ball, it might help you to see, that even if you play harder and faster, you’re doing it without a point or purpose.

Try this method on for size. Imagine that you have no responsibility, exaggerate it, think of an example where you had no responsibility at all. Do you notice how happy you are, do you notice how free you are?

With this example in mind, that you just thought of, that represents no responsibility — now, I want you to think about world hunger.

Are you more or less capable to contribute towards world hunger with a sense of no responsibility?