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Footloose, starring some actors and flaring remakes and.. I digress. What I wanted to say was this, the film Footloose was about a town that didn’t want any dancing. This is really badly explained on my end, I’m not really sure if this metaphor is going to work, so help me out — or wait, sit back, I can do this.

The film was about fear shielding behind authority asking the environment to be definable — as in, dancing threatens definability. This mechanism is deeply rooted within us and shows it’s teeth anytime you want to dance.

The only thing that will get us on the dancefloor is to find something sharp and urgent.

Inspiration and motivation are just fluids and do not suffice. Fear is a powerful vehicle, so instead of being on the tail-end of it, what if we get in that vessel and enlist it as an antidote. Using fear against fear, what is the essential difference between each side?

In Footloose, the ‘town’ taps into the fear of abandonment. “If you dance, you will be cast away from mankind,” or “Who do you think you are to dance,” etc. When you activate personal fear, such as fear of feeling regret on your deathbed, that can be an example of getting you out there. This text is just a youtube-esque hint for you to design your own antidote against the stiff old townfolks.

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