Free Film Seminar!  This Saturday 30th October

Free Film Seminar! This Saturday 30th October

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As members of my website you get access to my Free Film Seminar next Saturday the 30th October.

To be eligile: MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE 'SUBSCRIBED' up in the left corner!

The session next Saturday the 30th of October starts at:
Reykjavik 4pm (UTC)
Los Angeles 9am (PDT)
Berlin 6pm (CEST)
London 5pm (BST)
New York 12pm (EDT)


Olaf with students in the Philippines

Here you can donate to my cause of helping filmmakers around the world for free, all donations, big or small help immensly!


Here you can read about the experiences from several students that have attended my free filmmaking seminars:

Student: Ralston Vaz   Student: Bohdan Turok   Student: Yulia Chumak