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No matter how hard you try. You’ll never find a solution to writing fear.

There never has been one, and we best rid off the idea that there is a possibility to ‘solute’ the pain stakes of writing. It can be really hard to face this. Reactions to this fact-ness come in all shapes and forms, some say that it’s no problem for them to write and they don’t feel any pain, but that’s ‘couch-watching’ reaction, it’s someone who knows everything about the sport being played on TV, and they know everything because they play in their backyard.

If you don’t feel pain, you’re not a professional.

Also, what has pain really done to us? Why do we treat it as an enemy? Going past surface reactions to these questions, honestly, what has pain really done to you? Is it pain’s fault that something happened there and there? Is it pains fault that you dislike this or that? In contrast to ‘comfort’ belief, who’s fault is it really that we grab the easiest way out of the company of pain and shoot the messenger? Check your weapon for fingerprints, I.D. and catch the killer.

I’m rambling, because, there are no solutions, only (very) temporary ones. And each of them will magnet towards you tailored to the phase you’re in. All you got to do is hurt yourself enough so you’ll seek. Just remember that these tips are respectful pointers from those gone before you. These tips withhold wisdom that has seen as the common weapons used to avoid the mirror. And, in tune with the above, what I’ve written here is just that, a suggestion of perspective, but not a tip.

Olaf de Fleur

Creative unlocker. At your disposal. I direct and write films. Two-decade experience. Fifteen films. Sold high concepts. Corporate consultant.